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Dining at a Tuscan Farm House

This is am amazing experience everyone should have! Eating under a grapevine canopy in the warm Tuscan sun while plates and plates of amazing local specialists fill the long farm tables is something I will never forget. A short ride outside of Florence is a farm waiting for you to visit. First take a walk around the vineyard and learn about the grapes that go into the amazing wines you will be drinking. Then stroll through the olive trees while the sun starts to fade off the horizon and think of the bountiful meal that awaits you.
Finally you will be lead to long wooden farm house tables with a robust group of fellow travelers or should I say foodies! First the wine with antipasto of regional cheeses and meats. Next multiple pasta courses and of course all pasta is fresh and made right there.
Following the ripe tomato sauces on the pasta are the meat and fish courses and remember the wine is flowing continuously throughout all of this. Beef from local cows, pork from the pigs the farmer raises, fish brought in from the coast, all prepared with the utmost of care. There are salads and vegetable that float up and down the table while you are trying to taste everything and savor the moment. The glasses of wine tinkle with toast after toast with your new found friends. Finally what a dinner be without dessert? Tiramisu, small lemon cookies that melt in your mouth and the meal would not be complete with our home made biscotti to dip in your wine or espresso.
After the meal a small band starts to play and everyone gathers in the courtyard to dance under the stars. It is a romantic and enchanting evening for everyone. You laugh and dance with your new friends until you are so tired you can hardly keep your droopy eyelids open.
A ride back to Florence is filled with happy thoughts of a dinner that will stay in your heart forever....... and of course a full belly!
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